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Course Design Camp is for you if:

You want to create Working Equitation courses that consistently ride well!
Do you struggle to create courses that are
 suitably challenging to the level riding them?

Not too hard. Not too easy.

With a good balanced flow and a mix of technical challenges?
Includes Rider Strategy Camp

Rider Strategy Camp is for you if:

You want to achieve a higher score, and help your horse improve!

Have you noticed how much strategy is involved in riding a WE course?

Do you struggle with knowing which lines are the best choice to ride?

You're not sure yet if you need Course Design
Upgrade to Course Design Camp later

Trish has pulled together information and technology in a way that makes it incredibly useful for show managers, riders, trainers, judges, etc.

Christy Reich El Campeon Farms Thousand Oaks, California

As a WE competitor and licensed official candidate, I found Trish Hyatt’s 'Course Design Camp' to be amazingly beneficial and fun!

Eleanor Thomas, Round Lake, Illinois

Whether your new to the sport, a seasoned active  competitor or a licensed official, Trish Hyatt's online 'Course Design Camp' offers valuable tips that will help you feel  confident designing, setting up or riding Working Equitation courses.

The program helps participants understand the technical  challenges for obstacles chosen, ensuring balanced and challenging lines are mapped for the various performance levels.

Kris Blacklock, Wisconsin



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A challenging and informative class

Make no mistake, this Camp is challenging on many levels. I am very much a newbie in this sport and this course was really eye opening. The map exercises gave me the opportunity to look at the WE course from Intro through Master's which no doubt will be helpful as I progress in this sport. As you work though the modules, you are pushed to give the rule book more than just a cursory glance, The course also illustrated aspects of WE that I never thought of. It didn't occur t me that the course designer and the judge were two different people, and that the judge would appreciate challenges to judge as well as riders having challenges to navigate. Thinking from the judge's point of view has given me insight into how I should plan and execute a course. This course is well worth the cost, which for me is about three lessons. My advice is to make sure you plan enough time. It was much more intense and took up much more of my time than expected so I really had to push to fit it into my already full schedule (despite COVID), I recommend that anyone getting into or progressing though WE take this course. Beth Schaefer

1 month ago
Rider Strategy

I found this course very well done. There was a great deal of effort to illustrate Working Equitation for someone new to the sport, like me, and for those more advanced. Trish has a straight forward approach as a instructor and provided clear guidelines. I recommend this course. Thanks Trish, I learned a great deal as there is a significant amount of information to digest. Nancy Barbour

2 months ago
Helped me get "my head in the game."

Before I took this course, I had participated in a couple of WE shows. I knew enough to get around the courses, but this class went in depth about the rules and technical aspects of riding each individual obstacle and putting them together. Mapping the different courses made me think out my routes as if I were going to ride them for a competition. I am hopping this mental practice will help me the next time I show! Thank you, Trish, for your time and patience while hosting these classes! Julie Lamberton

2 months ago
Course Design Camp

This was a challenging, but enjoyable way to learn about Working Equitation Course Design . Trish shared her expertise in the video lessons in clear, easily understandable presentations . She gave prompt and constructive feedback on each Map designed and Course ridden. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in furthering their education in the wonderful sport of Working Equitation. Having good computer skills as well as access to a large screen computer, printer and scanner would make navigation around the community and the lessons easier to complete. Kay Harris Risdahl

2 months ago

Trish Hyatt 

International Coach and Clinician
National and International Top 10 Competitor
Technical Delegate and Judge of Working Equitation

Trish Hyatt puts her many skills to use introducing the international discipline of Working Equitation to riders eager to improve their partnership with their horse, with a focus on fun, classical horsemanship and use of the horse for practical work or as cross-training for other disciplines.

Trish's superpower is the ability to give you and your horse what you need in a way that you understand so each horse and rider makes progress and knows what they need to work on.