You lightly apply your leg.

Does your horse immediately spring forward and maintain the pace and gait you asked for?


Then this training is for you!

Does It Feel Like You're...



and Squeezing...
Every Stride?

Do You Wish...

You weren't so tired after riding?

You could just think go,
and it would happen?

You could put your horse in gear, and they'd stay there?

Then It's Time You Got...

...the  'More Forward' and 'Up-Transitions'  mini-course

This mini-course doesn't take long to read, or to understand.
Really, at first glance, it seems too simple.

And yet the value to you, your horse and your relationship...

... is priceless.

As a trainer of hundreds of horses and riders, I know this works.
The hardest part?

Breaking your old nagging habits.

Inside you will find a simple 4 step process to help your horse become lighter to your leg aids.
To be more forward and make easy up-transitions.

I bet you're already doing at least two of them.

And that you're NOT doing one of them.

And that's why you haven't solved the problem, yet!

Sign up today and save $10

Short and sweet lesson, right to the point.

A good reminder for me, I know this but I’ve settled into expecting my horse to respond;

And when he doesn’t I’ve gotten used to accepting what he gives.

Lyse Bissonnette

Trish Hyatt 

International Coach and Clinician
National and International Top 10 Competitor
Technical Delegate and WEDU Judge of Working Equitation