Turn on the Forehand
Turn on the Haunches

Create a solid foundation
by filling in the blanks

Benefits (see more below)

  • Improve lightness to the aids while working with the horse's balance
    to make the ride more enjoyable for both of you.
  • Improve control of the hindquarters and shoulders for better accuracy,
    and so your horse stays healthy.

No matter what your starting point, there's always more to learn and improve.

Beginner or Green horse?
Multiple  small steps are used to explain, and train, each maneuver. 
Simply designed to help you understand and implement without confusion and frustration.

Experienced or Advanced horse?
If you're here it means something is missing, or holding you back.
Inside you'll find both the steps needed to confirm nothing's missing, and the next steps to develop more control, flow, and lightness

Build a solid foundation so you and your horse perform better, and feel more successful.

Lessons contain text, diagrams and videos for clarity and  include:

  • What you need
  • What you should do
  • How to make it easier for your horse
  • What will probably happen
  • And How to fix it
  • As well as special tips on using your seat to not block your horse

Plus two special Bonus Lessons

  • Turn on the Forehand and Turn on the Haunches in Motion
    for even more body control and suppleness.
  • Turn on the Haunches and Timing
    to make your aids more clear to your horse and help them be lighter.

You Can Achieve Your Goals, for You, and Your horse.

With your coach, Trish Hyatt 

International Coach and Clinician
National and International Top 10 Competitor
Technical Delegate and Judge of Working Equitation (retired)

Trish Hyatt puts her many skills to use introducing the international discipline of Working Equitation to riders eager to improve their partnership with their horse, with a focus on fun, classical horsemanship and use of the horse for practical work or as cross-training for other disciplines.

Trish's superpower is the ability to give you and your horse what you need in a way that you understand so each horse and rider makes progress and knows what they need to work on.

Some useful (and critical) benefits of teaching your horse Tof and Toh

  • Needed to pass through gates without dismounting, and perform other obstacles without demolishing them.  
  • Teaches, measures, and confirms: Understanding of, and obedience to the outside rein.
    Used to stop a horse drifting and keep them on the line of travel.
  • Teaches, measures, and confirms: Understanding of, and obedience to the leg.  
  • Used to move your horse's hindquarters away from another horse so they don't kick.
    Quite useful if you find yourself having to pony (lead) another horse from yours on a trail ride.  
  • Can avert a runaway when a horse isn't listening to the bridle as they can be turned away from where they're trying to run to.
  • Can be combined to accomplish sidepass.
    Very useful to stop your kneecap from connecting with a tree.
  • Called for in some dressage tests, but also installs the buttons needed to ride straight and bending lines correctly.  
    Useful in a show, and life-saving on a trail.

Other students said:

It addressed the main weaknesses in execution of an obstacle and gave me tools to help myself as well as my horse.
I was able to improve my obstacle work by following the clear directions.
Allison Mazurkiewicz
 o/o Tall Grass Horsemanship, USA

I must take this opportunity to tell you how amazing your course is! The amount of information and lesson content is extraordinary!
Kudos to you for all your work and efforts! Thank you, thank you for putting this wonderful course together.
Alla Cline Virginia, USA

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