Make This The Year You

Working Equitation

Even if you've struggled to teach your horse
Or are just starting out!

It's time to...

  • Perform each obstacle and maneuver with ease and understanding

  • Instead of frustration and confusion

  • With your favorite horse.

Which of these problems have you noticed?

  • Do you and your horse get bored doing the same thing?
  • Are you just starting out and not even sure what to do, let alone how to teach your horse?  

  • Do you feel stuck, like you’ve reached a plateau and what you’re doing isn’t moving you ahead?  

  • Or is it just one or two obstacles that are causing you grief and taking the fun out of doing them? 
  • Do practice regularly and some days it feels like they’re getting worse? 
  • Are you not sure what you should practice and feel like you’re just putting on miles or riding in circles? 
  • Does it feel like you’re always working on the same problem ?
    (which is frustrating, and expensive if you’re taking lessons or riding in clinics)

Have you heard...

...any horse and rider can do Working Equitation?

I truly believe that not only CAN they, but I believe YOU can train your own horse to do Working Equitation despite the “obstacles” (pun intended) that life puts in your way.

The problem is...

...finding the information you need to do that can be time consuming and expensive.
And finding the information is not enough, or you’d already have it.

You need to learn HOW to apply it to YOUR horse.

And unfortunately...’s not as simple as following a recipe, a book, or even the last instructions you received on that problem, because your partner, the horse, may not be on the same page.

That’s why problems like the ones above exist.  
And no matter how many trainers you send them to, you need to understand what they’ve been taught. The steps, the nuances, and when to change what, or how you’re asking.

The thing is... If you don’t know exactly what your next step is, 
HOW is your horse supposed to know?

The solution is simple...

Though not always easy.
Know the steps that you need to work on with your horse, based on your horse and on your current level of knowledge, so you progress together.

The cold hard truth is...

 If you don’t know the next step and how to judge when your horse is ready for it, you will remain reliant on others that don’t know your horse like you do. And that reliance keeps you and your horse from reaching your full potential together.

 I’m not saying that you shouldn't take lessons or clinics...

...they can be very helpful.
But, if you are always relying on another person's perception, and direction, then you won’t know what to do when they’re not there and your horse throws you a curve ball.

That's why I created the
Working Equitation Mastery Program 

  • Step-by-step lessons in a choose your own adventure style, that give you what YOU need to move forward.

  • Measure and diagnose what's happening so you can choose your best next step, even if it means going back a couple of steps to fix something up.

  • Discover how to slow down and take the perfect next step for your horse, that actually speeds up your progress because you’re riding with a plan, and a purpose.

What You'll Get When You
Join Working Equitation Mastery...

Begin your Working Equitation adventure

  • Discover what Working Equitation is and learn about the obstacles before you dive in.

The Dressage Detour

  • Take a side trip to the Dressage section and you'll be able to ride your horse more precisely.
    They'll go where and how you told them to, reducing embarrassment, raising scores and keeping you safe. 
    Ace your dressage test even if you've never ridden one before
  • Correct movement isn't just about winning. 
    Learn basic Dressage skills to improve your obstacle work and dance with your horse.
    And your horse will thank you as they remain healthy and happy longer. 

The Obstacle Advantage

  • Step by step introduction to and improvement of each obstacle.
    You'll know What you need,  What you should do,  How to make it easier,  What can go wrong and How to fix it.
    Your practice will be correct and confusion reduced. 
  • Avoid unforeseen problems with progressive step by step instruction. You'll no longer have to hope you're doing it right.
    The lessons will ensure all your practice is on target to build accuracy into your rides.
    Improve your horse's skills across disciplines, and be competitive in WE if you desire.  

Beyond The Basics - Essential skills for any horse

  • Learn the difference between Flexion and Bend. Why you need flexion to have bend, and how to teach it. 
  • Or how to understand and apply different half-halts, at the right time, depending on what you are trying to accomplish. This means more clarity for you, so you can help your horse to do their job better.
  • Add lots more practical, actionable, high-level techniques, simply broken down.

Francine King said:

"Thank you for all I managed to pick up from you and your Working Equitation Mastery program.  
Without you we would have stayed the big wonky draft. 

Now we made 2021 - L2 Grand Champion, Region 6 USA"

Choose your own Working Equitation Adventure
 in this unique, ongoing, online clinic!

Feel like having a Dressage lesson?
 Pick a maneuver you'd like to improve. There's a lesson for that.  
Dressage and Ease of Handling is not just judged on where you go, but on HOW you go and the lessons here and in the Beyond the Basics course are designed to improve how your horse goes.  

Rather have an Obstacle lesson?
Choose one. Start at the beginning and work your way through the steps. I promise there's some tips and exercises there to help you advance, no matter what your starting point.  

Not sure where to start?  
If you have been to a show you'll have a score sheet, we can start there.  

Not interested in shows? No problem.  
Ride a dressage test, or any maneuver and choose your priorities there.
Or pick an obstacle, and go through the steps to diagnose your challenges.
Make it easier for your horse to give you his best.  

Still can't decide? 
Stop by the community and see what others have been up to.

 Sarah Brown, Worthy Trails Horsemanship said:

" I think you do a wonderful job breaking down the tasks so someone like me who hasn't done dressage in 30 years can still learn.

My clients would be interested too.

It's good info that everyone should have access to."

What makes this program different and unique
is that it focuses on Working Equitation,
and using obstacles to help you train your horse  easier and quicker.

It does not assume you or your horse already have a certain level of knowledge so it's suitable no matter what discipline you are coming from.

It is suitable for all levels, with step by step directions to make sure nothing is missed that will affect your progress later.

Relevant anywhere in the world as it is based on the 18 obstacles used by the World Association for Working Equitation.

I understand your challenges and can help you become a
Confident trainer that can solve your own horse's Challenges!

By participating in this course:

  • You'll understand how to perform the obstacles with precision which is a fun challenge with your horse, that helps improve their training, making them safer and easier to ride.

  • You'll be better able to prepare your horse for a WE competition or clinic and feel confident they are ready.

  • You'll have the skills you need to participate with your friends, and not worry about embarrassing yourself or your horse.

  • If you're already competing you'll be able to move past what's holding you back to increase your scores, and get to the next level.

Unlimited Access to the courses
Work through at your own pace. Saves you time and money.

  • You don't need to travel to learn.

  • You have the resources available at your fingertips if you can't attend lessons or clinics.

  • If you do attend clinics, you're ready to learn new things instead of repeating what you did last time.

Coaches, this is an Excellent resource to share with your students. Basic enough for beginners and detailed enough to address the subtle details that may have been missed by the upper level rider.

When You Choose Your Own Working Equitation Adventure
You can focus on what YOU need most!

Just a few of the lessons you'll have access to.

  • Train and Improve Your Reinback  
  • Turn on the Forehand, Haunches and Leg-yield
  •  Timing and Bending 
  • Detailed instruction on all 19 obstacles
  • Non-progressive Down Transitions
  •  Softening/Giving/Yielding to the Bit 
  • Connecting Half-halts and Stirrup Stepping
  •   Instructions for each dressage maneuver

More than 50 instructional lessons are included because I wanted you to have all the resources you might need in one place, but this is very much a choose what you and your horse need to work on program.

Everyone is starting from a different place and every horse comes with their own challenges. You can always ask me if you're not sure where to go.

There are no homework assignments, and therefore no schedule to keep up with. 

You can go as fast or as slow as your time allows.
The courses and lessons remain yours.

Lisa Camp said:

"The Working Equitation training available from Trish Hyatt is  wonderful!  

The detailed information is divided into lessons that are  easy to understand, with diagrams, instructions and demos included  ridden by fellow WE enthusiasts.  

 Working Equitation Mastery includes so much more than just working equitation, but also  horsemanship that will make you a better rider."

Are you ready to spend less time wondering what to do,
and more time doing it?

In a weekend clinic I could only teach you a fraction of what's included here.

I can't begin to imagine how many weekend clinics it would take to cover everything included.

BUT, in a group setting, we can spread out these costs so Working Equitation Mastery is AMAZINGLY affordable.

Some of your other options are

  • Lessons  $2400+ per year
  • Multiple Weekend Clinics at $400+ each, and travel, gas, accommodation and time. That adds up fast!
  • Trainers $1000+ per month.

But for many people, these options aren't feasible due to cost or logistics.

And what do you do the rest of the time?

 I believe everyone should have the help they need to pursue their goals with their horse.
The WE Mastery program can be used alone, or it can complement what you're doing now.

And because I have members around the world, I’m offering it at a price that makes it easy for you to say yes to.

This means...

  • You won’t have extra expenses for travel, gas and accommodation. 
  • You won’t have to rework your whole schedule to be able to participate and then ride in weather that is too cold, too wet or too hot to even think. 
  • You won’t have to worry how your horse will act in a strange place, or whether they can do what is being taught. 
  • And you won’t miss out on participating because the clinic is already full.  
  • You won’t get home and then think of that really important question, and have no way to get the answer.

This isn’t going to be some over-priced, expensive, program that you could never afford,
or you’re struggling to pay off for the next 12 months.

It’s a small investment in yourself, that pays huge dividends in your progress and relationship with your horse,
for the rest of their life.

This Special
Lifetime access to all lessons is only $997

With 24/7 access,

You can look this good too!

Each lesson is detailed, easy to understand, and multi-part for horses and riders of all levels.
Start at the beginning, make sure your horse can do each step, and build on your progress.

And HEY! There's More:

It's okay if you don't have all the obstacles,
you also get the bonus DIY-WE course.

Learn how to set up simple stations with common materials to practice multiple obstacles. Includes aerial diagrams, and videos showing problems to watch out for.

  • Which means you don't need to spend a lot of money building obstacles to get started. 
  • You don't need much time to set them up. 
  • And you don't need much space to practice.
  • You can reduce anticipation of your horse by practicing many different obstacles at one station, keeping them guessing so they learn to wait for you  

And one of the biggest problems I see is resistance.
So you also get 2 more bonus courses to help you succeed.

The Key To Unlocking Your Horse's Bend

  • Discover how to identify from the ground whether your horse flexes equally each way, and how to help them to (because they probably don't).
  • Then take that to the saddle and help them to flex so they can bend correctly and without resistance.

Single Slalom, Bend & Balance Course

  • 5 complete lessons using the Single Slalom to diagnose and correct bend related problems like drifting in or out, changing tempo, flexion changes, accuracy and suppleness and strength issues that require rebalancing exercises.

Because if your flexion or bend is not balanced, relaxed and supple, there will be resistance.

And Another Bonus To Enhance Your Learning

The optional Membership add-on has been designed to help you have 
more focus, motivation and success.

Your first 2 weeks are included free and there's a special offer for those who know they want more.

Ask questions and get timely answers so that you're never stuck wondering how to solve a problem.
Share your progress so we can celebrate with you!

It includes:


  • Hang out with other members on the same journey.
  • Share your successes and challenges with people who understand.

Weekly Live Q&A's

  • Timely answers to your most pressing questions.
  • You can submit them ahead of time and watch the recording, or join live to continue the discussion.

Guest Interviews

  • There's just so much good knowledge out there, I'm excited to be able to bring it to you.
  • Recordings will be available so you can listen again to your favorite parts.

Skills Challenges

  • Not sure what to work on?  Join in a skills challenge and work with others on the same theme, but focusing on exactly what your horse needs.
  • Previous challenges have sold for $20-$50 but are free for Mastery Membership members.

Included components subject to additions or change.

Alla Cline said:

"You  are so responsive! I can’t believe how you are up all hours of the day  and night! I must take this opportunity to tell you how amazing your  course is!  

 I have purchased way too many Online equine programs.  I’ve  found a handful of very talented trainers/communicators.  But NO ONE,  has put together such a comprehensive and instructional program.  Your  effort to get through to the rider is phenomenal...

...The half-halt lesson is worth the price of admission all on its own!  This was a huge lesson (for me) because few can truly explain half-halts' execution with any clarity at all.  Including it with all the other valuable information in an all-inclusive Working Equitation program is truly a gift to us students.
Thank you, thank you for putting this wonderful course together."

Sign up now

  • To make sure you don't have to wait to improve your Working Equitation skills.
  • To explore a fun new sport without the time and expense of travelling.
  • For step by step lessons that explains the how, and the why.

Registration is currently closed

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So you get first dibs!

I want you to be completely satisfied and without risk, so if after trying the program for the first 14 days you don't think it can help you, write and tell me and I'll refund your money.

Two Options (and  various payment plans) so you can choose the one that suits you best!

Self-guided improvement
  •  Working Equitation Dressage - $297+ value
  • Working Equitation Obstacles  -  $597+ value
  • Working Equitation Beyond the Basics  - $497+ value
  • Bonus 1 - Do It Yourself WE  - regularly $97
  • Bonus 2 - Key To Unlocking The Bend (Flexion)  - regularly $19
  • Bonus 3 - Single Slalom, Bend & Balance Course - regularly $47
  • Bonus 4 - 14 days Access to the Community.
    Upgrade option available
  • Bonus 5 -  All Future Upgrades  - Priceless  
  • LOCK IN THIS DEAL AT $997  $ 497 usd  

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Or Enjoy
Includes EVERYTHING in the
 Choose Your Own Adventure option

AND 1 full year's access to the support membership community.
 OVER $1800 + VALUE
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to  Everything in the
    Choose Your Own Adventure  package
  •  One full year of community support, membership and activities
    Regularly $300/year. But you Save $200
  • Membership renews at the same low price for as long as you're a member $100 (cancel any time).
  • LOCK IN THE BEST DEAL AT $1297 $ 597 usd

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Click one of the Orange 'Buy Now!'  buttons to go to the Checkout page
If you have any problems, click the Questions? Message Me! button and I'll help you sort it out.

What happens after your purchase... 

Once you complete your purchase you can access the first courses immediately from the Thank you page, and all the rest on .

Next it will ask you to set up a password to access the site if you don't already have one.    
If you have previously set up your password and you've forgotten what it is, click the forgot password link on the Login page to set a new one.    

I know you're excited to dive in but please start with the 'Welcome, Start Here' course which will also help you learn how to access the community.  
After that you can choose which course to start with depending on what you want to work on.

 On , You will have access to  WE Obstacles , WE Dressage and WE Beyond The Basics.  They all have individual lessons you can jump right into although I set up the Obstacles section to be the order I would teach them at a clinic.  

Cindy Kaufman said:

"This course was an excellent way for me to get to learn about Working  Equitation as there are no WE trainers in the Charlotte area.

The videos  (both the ones in the lessons AND the videos participants post of  themselves) helped immensely!  I definitely recommend this program!"

Got More Questions? I've Got Answers!

Yes it will.
As long as you are safe on your horse. You can go, stop and turn. We can work on the rest.
It is designed to answer your questions about Working Equitation even if you know nothing about it.

Then the obstacles and other skills are broken down into step-by-step lessons so nothing is skipped.
This benefits both those that are new, and those who may have missed training steps that create problems later on.

And with the optional community membership add-on it’s sure to make it easy for you to learn.

You will receive your access email within a few minutes. If you did not enter a password after the Thank you page, you’ll be asked to when you login. If not just click the forgot password link and you can set one.

The best place to begin is the ‘Start Here’ course.
You will be invited to the community separately, and you can always email me if you have any problems.

Some courses are available now.
You'll receive allcourses and be added to the community membership by our start date - Nov 29th.

You can use the included Progress Tracker to set goals, evaluate progress and make a plan for your next ride.
Not sure what lessons will help you with your goals?
Jump into the community and tell us where you're at, and what you want to achieve.

In the meantime, I always recommend the Key To Unlocking Your Horse’s Bend and the Single Slalom, Bend and Balance courses, which are included, as a starting point.

They will give you great feedback on where your horse is at physically.    

Throughout the year, challenges are offered in the membership and are another way to gain feedback on where your horse is at as well as allowing you to work through part of the program with a group focused on the same thing.

Yes! Once you have joined you can email me for tech problems.

Any lesson or riding related questions are best posted in the membership community so that you can get a faster answer and so others with the same question can benefit from the answer.
Your first 2 weeks are included with your investment in the WE Mastery program.

That’s a great time to jump into our optional membership community and ask for clarification.
Sometimes hearing it from someone else can help, and I will also be in there.

As long as you are a member of the community membership, you can submit questions to our weekly Q&A, so I can go into answers in more detail and either point you to the available resources, or write a lesson to address it.

That is totally up to you and there is no pressure.

Each person can work on their own timetable, taking into account their available time, and the time their horse needs to digest the lesson and increase their fitness.

The key is to stay consistent and have a plan for each ride so progress is made bit by bit.

No problem.
One of the bonuses is a course that shows you simple stations you can set up with minimal equipment to simulate many of the obstacles.

Some of the lessons also include extra tips (like simulating the Bank).

Our community may have suggestions for you and I’m good at thinking up ideas, outside of the box.

Yes definitely. There’s always room for improvement at your level, and to move up a level.

Sometimes the difficulty is that steps have been skipped, and other times it’s because the horse is not equally strong, supple and balanced.

We address both of these in the lessons. 

You can submit your questions in advance and I will answer them on the call.

All recordings will be uploaded into our membership and you can watch them at your convenience for as long as you are a member.

Yes, they are based on the lessons and designed to help you progress, regardless of your starting point.

You will have a checklist and start at the top and work through it until you identify where a problem occurs. This may be step 1 if you’re new, or a higher number if you’re experienced.  

During that challenge you will work on the part that you have identified as being a problem. Completing the challenge isn’t about being able to do the final step. It’s about making improvement on the part your horse needs to focus on. The part that challenges them.

With the support of a group working on the same thing.

No, but there are two pages you’ll want to bookmark. One is the lesson platform and the other is our community.
But I also include links to them in the access email.  

The bonus membership community is NOT on Facebook, but is similar. I include a lesson in the 'Start Here' course that shows you how to find your way around.  

The more often you visit the lessons and the community, the easier it gets.

Some people only want the lessons so that is the Self-guided improvement 'CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE' option.
​The membership​​​ gives you additional support through Q&A's, Challenges and Guest Speakers.

Your first 2 weeks are included with your purchase today so you can see if it's a good benefit for you.
After that you can renew on a monthly basis, or annually which saves you 2 months fees.

But if you've already been in my communities and know how valuable it is, you can take advantage of the 'ADVENTURE & SUPPORT' option and get 3 months free each year.

That's why I have a guarantee.

I want you to be completely satisfied and without risk, so if after using the program for the first 14 days you don't find anything there that's useful to you, let me know and I'll refund your money.

I know, it's been a tough two years and if there is no money for courses, lessons or clinics, then you have to do what you can with the free information available and your own dedication.

If however, there is money for a clinic, which is about the same price as this, then there are many benefits to investing in this online course.

It’s available 24/7 and there's no extra travel time and fees.

Most clinic attendees only remember 10% of what they heard at a clinic and if they aren't sure about something, end up practicing wrong because they can't look it up, or ask for clarification.  

When you go to a show you won't feel like you wasted your entry fee because you have a better chance of not getting disqualified.  

And when you do go to clinics you'll get more out of them, both because you have already completed many of the steps, and because you will have reference materials to access when you get home to help you remember what was being taught in the clinic, or what the next step is.  

To help make it easier for you I've also added a payment plan.

If you’re still not sure, you can contact me with the link at the bottom of the page and I’ll jump on a Zoom chat with you to make sure all your questions are answered.

More Student Feedback

Which one of these results would you like?

Lisa Camp - Flexion or Bend lesson
I really like the picture/diagram of the horse from above, it's very helpful and I like the info about the hip and using colored tape so you can see it.

Shelly Donaldson - Bonus Single Slalom exercises
There is A LOT of information in this lesson. I especially like how the lesson is broken down into segments for learning and exercises so that the horse becomes more fit and the rider gains a better understanding of all the pieces that help with manuevering through the slalom. 
Practice will help achieve bending and flexing the horse at a tempo that works best for them. 
I have ridden these exercises and find them very useful to my mare and I as they set us up for success.

Alla Cline - Turn on the Haunches and Turn on the Forehand lesson 
This lesson was well described. I was able to “feel” your words as I read them.

Lisa Camp - Figure 8
I never thought to break these obstacles down so precisely. I have read   this lesson at least 4 times and will come back to it. The material is  easy to understand, but there is so much to remember!
I hope to take it out onto the course while riding it to help me work the obstacle.

Jane O'Boyle - Bank and Water
This section had very good training information for me based on my knowledge and experience and will be helpful.
Again, you gave me additional advice on managing problems:)

Daphne Carter - Forward and Back from the seat
Excellent dramatizations. Learning subtle things. Very productive.

Alla Cline - Single Slalom
Very thorough distinction on flexion vs. bend. What I appreciated more was the description on how to “build” in better bend using the ovals exercise.  An excellent, thorough lesson. And thank you for pointing out that poll flexion is minimal - 1 inch.

Jane O'Boyle - Softening, yielding, giving to the bit lesson
If the horses head goes too low or behind the vertical use TOH to bring it back up. This is what i needed.

I can't wait to hear what parts helped you the most!

Hi, I'm Trish Hyatt 

I didn't start out to be a coach. All my life I was a horse trainer and problem solver. I was the one that other trainers, coaches, farriers and vets recommended when their owners were stuck, so I worked with horses from a lot of disciplines. 

Many of the horses I was called to help belonged to people that were in the top of their discipline but when you are an expert in something, sometimes it's hard to think outside the box. I became a coach as I realized how important it was to teach people to not accidentally create problems in the first place.

I've always used obstacles in training because they are a great test of where the horse is at and the horse and rider partnership.

The last few years I have specialized in Working Equitation obstacles because of the precision that is required in the riding and judging. They are scored as a dressage test is, with a standard set of obstacles used world-wide and the same requirements for quality performance.

To my lifetime of training horses and working with coaches from different disciplines, I added to my skills becoming an International Coach and Clinician, National and International Top 10 Competitor and a now retired, Technical Delegate and Judge of Working Equitation.

It is this combination of skills and diversity that makes me a coach that can speak to you, where you are at now, and help you find better ways to work with your horse.

Trish Hyatt

Registration is currently closed

Click to join the waitlist to be notified when it reopens.

So you get first dibs!

Well over 50 detailed and simplified lessons on Dressage, Obstacles, and many subtle techniques that set your horse up for success because really, that's what it's all about.
Making sure you are having as much enjoyment as possible and your horse is having as much fun as you are.

Two Options (and  various payment plans) so you can choose the one that suits you best!

Self-guided improvement
  •  Working Equitation Dressage - $297+ value
  • Working Equitation Obstacles  -  $597+ value
  • Working Equitation Beyond the Basics  - $497+ value
  • Bonus 1 - Do It Yourself WE  - regularly $97
  • Bonus 2 - Key To Unlocking The Bend (Flexion)  - regularly $19
  • Bonus 3 - Single Slalom, Bend & Balance Course - regularly $47
  • Bonus 4 - 14 days Access to the Community.
    Upgrade option available
  • Bonus 5 -  All Future Upgrades  - Priceless  
  • LOCK IN THIS DEAL AT $997  $ 497 usd  

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Or Enjoy
Includes EVERYTHING in the
 Choose Your Own Adventure option

AND 1 full year's access to the support membership community.
 OVER $1800 + VALUE
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to  Everything in the
    Choose Your Own Adventure  package
  •  One full year of community support, membership and activities
    Regularly $300/year. But you Save $200
  • Membership renews at the same low price for as long as you're a member $100 (cancel any time).
  • LOCK IN THE BEST DEAL AT $1297 $ 597 usd

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