Designing a course is easy, right?

You draw some obstacles on paper and then put them in more or less the same places in your arena, although your arena is not the same shape as your paper.

The obstacles are heavy and this is the third time you’ve moved the Reinback L, because you’re Not going to move the Bridge or the Pen that's in the wrong place.

You think, “that’s pretty close, it should be fine.”
You walk it, you shift some more things.
Your set-up crew is getting a little punchy.

And finally, it’s time for the first riders.

Intro level, “hmm, probably could have used a little more space between the Drums and the wall for the ones who trotted, but a good challenge.”

Novice A “managed it better. The horses are more used to trotting smaller circles.”

Novice B, “Oh no, I didn’t leave room for the Novice B riders who have to canter those circles and make lead changes through trot...”


Actually, designing a course can be easy,

When you have the knowledge and the right tools!

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