Single Slalom Challenge

Hey Fellow Working Equitation Rider

Well done for scoring 9’s and 10’s on the Single Slalom.
Riding balanced, symmetrical, curving lines.
Oh, you didn’t?


Did you know improving this one simple obstacle, which any horse and rider can do, will benefit most of your other riding too? Both obstacles and dressage.

The Challenge is now part of the Balance Clinic.
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Single Slalom Challenge

A One Obstacle, One Month Challenge For Riders of All Levels and Experience

Learn What’s Affecting Your Horse’s ability to Ace this obstacle,
and improve their way of going!

If you’ve shown you may have noticed, there’s not much room for a comment on your score sheet.
Or you may have noticed some of these issues on your own.

Comments like:

  • More Bend
  • Geometry (Symmetry)
  • More Engagement
  • Tempo (too fast, too slow, changing)...

And you ride the slalom, and try to work on them,
but still the comments are similar and the score doesn’t change much.

What are they looking for?

Why isn’t my horse doing it?

How can I fix it?

That’s why I created the
 One Obstacle, One Month, Single Slalom Challenge Course.

A place to give you the feedback and tools you need to recognize what isn’t working,
and exercises to improve it. 

Previously offered as a 5 day challenge, there’s just too much information here to absorb in that time.
It has now been expanded in to a one month course which includes:
6 Optional video reviews.
Our own private community.
And time to implement the lessons
so you can develop a better understanding of what's holding you back, and how to fix it.

In addition to learning to ‘see’ obstacle and position errors, You will 'Pinpoint the Problems' 
that affect your horse’s accuracy suppleness  balance rhythm and tempo and health

Correct them by 'Building up the Balance' 
with specific exercises  based on your horse’s weaknesses, as identified from your videos.

In 'Fix the Flexion'  we dive deep in to understanding Flexion and Bend,
how you can improve it and why it is critical for all of your riding.
Hint - You’ll never get Relaxation or Engagement without it.

Next we 'Add to Your Accuracy'.
Building on our recognition of bend changes issues, we try a different way of thinking about corrections.

We finish up the month with 'Polish the Performance', so you can Dance With Your Horse.
We bring an awareness of Tempo to the previous work and how that is affected by our lines of travel.

“A win win;
Bring what you have to the challenge and grow !!

Gain small details/awareness that add up incrementally.
Great feedback, motivation to spend time in the saddle, build human-horse partnership; jump start next steps for new ideas for future.; enjoy a supportive group (dealing with their own personal unspoken challenges); be ready for immediate feedback and honest suggestions to better your steps; meet a new person, be Inspired by others working hard from other states/countries.

Go Go GO-Everything to gain, Nothing to lose!”

Beth Rudy

No matter what your current level of experience, this program will benefit your horse with obstacle specific training in the lessons and additional support in the community.

It includes detailed feedback to help you identify your starting point
and what to focus on with each exercise.

 The course is designed to give you tools to help Improve your horse's:

  • Accuracy 
  • Suppleness
  • Balance
  • Rhythm and tempo
  • Health

If you already do Working Equitation, you get the added bonus that this will directly improve 12 of the 18 WE obstacles used worldwide by practicing this one simple, but not easy obstacle, correctly.

The ability to accurately control the position of the horse while bent will also enable you to keep them straight where that's required, which is why this is the most useful obstacle to focus on, while being the simplest to ask a less experience horse to do.

The goal is to ride the horse specifically where we intend.
In addition to efficiency for the working horse, one reason why we're working on such a shallow arc is that it requires less of a bend change, making it easier for the horse and easier to measure your consistency and progress.

How the horse deviates from this optimum line will pinpoint training or physical weaknesses in the horse.

Imagine what your rides will be like when you can accurately (and therefore safely) ride your horse exactly where you intend. With their spine aligned with the line of travel. In balance, and with a consistent tempo.

Imagine how good your horse will feel in their own body.
And how secure they will feel in your leadership, making them more willing to listen to your requests and be able to relax

Whether your new to Working Equitation or a seasoned competitor,
the course benefits are boundless. 

This virtual challenge heightens rider awareness, improves equine balance capabilities, coaches riders/horses within a shared supportive and friendly environment & provides tips to boost your confidence as you progress thru the levels.

Kris Blacklock
Wisconsin, USA

I took this WE obstacle online challenge and I learned new ways to train the obstacles, analyze my team's strengths and weaknesses. It pushed me to look at my obstacle work and find areas of improvement.  It works for all levels and all horses.

It addressed the main weaknesses in execution of an obstacle and gave me tools to help myself as well as my horse. I was able to improve my obstacle work by following the clear directions, that included video lessons and analysis in the supportive online community.

I saw the sport in a new light!

Allison Mazurkiewicz
o/o Tall Grass Horsemanship, Fort Collins Colorado, USA

This Couse is for riders Who:

  • Want to score higher by performing better, with more accuracy.
  • Want to learn more about how to even out their horses suppleness and strength.
  • Want to understand what a loss of balance looks like, and how it happens.
  • Have inconsistent rhythm or tempo affecting, and affected by, their balance
  • Want to increase their horses longevity.
  • Are detail oriented and want to develop better observation and feel.

What Do You Think?
Are you ready to 

Ace this obstacle, and improve your horse’s way of going?

In person these lessons would cost you at least $250,
and you would not get to ‘see’ the issues I am telling you about.

This online classes makes it easier to retain information,
with the ability to replay lessons as many times as you like to grasp all of the details.

Learn to ‘see’, and evaluate what you see, so you can help your horse improve.
And ask questions when you think of them in our private community during the challenge.

5+ lessons for a one-time payment of only $49usd

We  start October 1st, but spaces in this challenge are limited by my availability to review videos, so sign up now to make sure you get a spot before registration closes.

The challenge runs for the month of October but you retain access to the course materials for one year minimum.

$49 USD


I have been training horses and riders for more years than I’m going to tell you.
I started teaching courses online 5 years ago and love how much I can help people the world over. I am

Trish Hyatt 

International Coach and Clinician
National and International Top 10 Competitor
Technical Delegate and Judge of Working Equitation

Trish Hyatt puts her many skills to use introducing the international discipline of Working Equitation to riders eager to improve their partnership with their horse, with a focus on fun, classical horsemanship and use of the horse for practical work or as cross-training for other disciplines.
Creating courses and teaching online for 5+ years.

Trish's superpower is the ability to give you and your horse what you need in a way that you understand so each horse and rider makes progress and knows what they need to work on.