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I Believe Everyday People Can Develop Extraordinary Horses

Without either of them Feeling Lost, Foolish or Pressured

At Working Equitation Simplified we give you the skills and support to assess where your horse is currently at, measure progress, and know your next steps. We guide you to become thinking horse-people. There are no gimmicks used, no quick fixes. It's about developing the building blocks. Starting with a strong foundation, so your horse is ready and able to do whatever you ask of them.

Your horse will develop in it's own way, in it's own time. We recognize there is no one size fits all.
Each horse and rider pair have different goals, available time, motivation, and skill sets.

We meet you where you are now and help you to move towards your goals.
Whether your goal is a National championship, enjoying time with your friends or improving your horse's health.

I strongly believe that it is possible for you to learn to train your horse online, if the support is there. 
And that is what makes my programs work.

Attention to Detail

We apply, and teach you, skills of observation and attention to detail.
What's happening? What's required?
What steps can you take to improve it?

Step By Step Foundation

We create educational materials for you to build a foundation, with no gimmicks.  
We break down tasks to help you improve your horses  skills, happiness and longevity.

Support When You Need It

We are there to support you to achieve your goals, on your timetable.
No matter where you live or what your current level of experience.