Equestrian Aquatics

More Fun!

Better Ride!

Less Pain!

No Horse, No Sweat!

You Don't Need A Horse To Enjoy the Fun & Benefits

Does This Sound Like Your Horse?

You've worked with trainers, and on your own, for hours and hours
and yet your horse still tries the same old stuff.

  • My horse rushes
  • We can't travel a straight line
  • My horse won't turn
  • My horse pulls on me
  • My horse is too slow, doggy.
  • My horse stops crooked
  • My horse falls in on a circle
  • My horse drifts out through his shoulder

My Horse _______!

That doesn't sound like a lot of Fun!
If Your horse does anything that's taking the fun out of your riding,
Read on to see how I can help you, so you can help your horse.

I Have Good News For You. It's Not Your Horse's Fault!

I'd like you to think about How you are sitting right now.
Are You More Column  A   OR   Column  B?

Column A

Column B

Are you sitting up nice and straight?  
As you sit, so shall you ride. When we are not balanced on our horse we make it hard for them to do their job.

Is your core engaged? Your pelvis balanced and neutral?
Most  people have no idea, but You Will, when you do the simple, fun  activities in my program. You'll tip over a lot in the beginning, get  wet, and have a laugh. You'll discover you are not as secure on your  horse as you should be, but will quickly improve.

Are your legs placed evenly under you with your heels on the floor?
Riders  who's heels are up are in more danger of falling forward and have a  harder time cueing their horse effectively. Try balancing on one foot.  Now lift your heel off the floor and see how much harder it is. Working  in the water will challenge your balance just like a horse does.

Are you taking nice full rhythmic breaths?
We tend not to and there's nothing scarier to your horse than You holding your breath.  The breath practice in the program will make you more aware of how you  breathe and teach you to breathe fully, and move, at the same time.

    • Is your back arched or more likely rounded as you slump in a chair?
      If  you sat up in that position you would be looking down, staring at your  horse's ears and Not looking where you're going . This is the #1 Rider  Problem and the reason horse's don't go forward.
    • Arched or rounded backs also lead to pain issues for us, and our horse.
      The  best place for our horse to carry us is right behind his withers. When  we are not balanced there, we have to use muscles to stay upright  causing tightness and possibly pain. When you try this in the water  you'll tip over anyway so you'll quickly learn to balance in a relaxed  way.
    • Are your legs stretched out, calves soft and toes pointing down and out?
      This  is the #2 Rider Problem. We don't pay attention to the fact that one  leg is stronger, one toe turns out more and we get upset with the horse  when he makes any of the mistakes above.  They aren't mistakes, or bad  behaviour. They are uneven cues by uneven legs.
    • Are you leaning to one side, collapsing your rib cage, putting more weight on one seat bone?
      This  causes the same problems as uneven legs and makes it more likely you'll  fall off or mis-cue. This happens a lot and is often not corrected by  coaches so...
    • The  #3 Rider Problem identified by coaches is the student is Not Breathing.  Like I said earlier, scarey for your horse as well as being needed by  your muscles to work properly.

So why is this Good News?
Because I have a simple solution for you.

 "Throughout our day we spend most of our time in postures that do not benefit our riding, and are not aware of it."

So now you are aware, are you sitting up straight? Will you remember to next time?

It is hard to break old habits, especially if we only practice when we're on our horse.

Participation in the Equestrian Aquatics program will help you overcome your habits
And help get you to the next level of success, whatever that means to you.

The Equestrian Aquatics program is a favorite with horses because
the movement of the water lets you Train Your Muscles, and Saves His.

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If you'd like some useful tips to ride better and more information about the program,  keep reading...

Does your horse drift one way more than the other?
Is your horse either really slow (lazy, ignoring you) or really fast (panicky)?

This is because You are not balanced, and they feel like they might  fall down.

Two Tips to Help Your Horse Move Better

If  your seat falls asleep when you're traveling, you are collapsing your  ribs on the opposite side and putting more weight on one seat bone.

This too will go away as your brain and your body learn to communicate better working in the water.

Your horse is more likely to drift towards the weighted seat-bone like in the video at the top.

In  the meantime, when you notice this, shift your weight on to the  non-sleeping seat bone and stretch tall and even through your ribs.

Try  to imagine a thumbtack in your shoe and in your back pocket on the  heavier (drifting) side.  This will cause you to slightly lift, putting  more weight on the other side.

    • How  do You sit on a sofa or a comfy chair?  Which way do you lean?  Chances  are it's the same way your coach keeps telling you, or that your saddle  mostly slips one way.

Work on sitting up straight. Sitting in the middle of the sofa with feet  flat on the floor will help to create the correct habit.

For extreme cases sit on the opposite end of the sofa and stretch your shorter side.

    Sitting on an exercise ball is even better.
    If you get tired, you're leaning.

    As you work through the activities in the program you won't have to think about sitting up straight.
    Y our brain will tell your body what to adjust so you don't fall in the water .

    I t will become your new habit.

Is This Program For Me?

This program  May Not Be  for you if...

This program  Is for you if...

Well I tried to make a list to go here but really, this program benefits everyone.
I haven't met anyone, of any age that couldn't use better Balance, Suppleness and Core Stability.

It's so exciting when a Member or fellow Mermaid (Merman) as one of our founding members calls them, tells me:
- How much better their horse is going.
- How their coach is now able to correct new things instead of the usual three and so progress is finally being made.
- How much better they feel, both on and off their horse. Just to name a few.

    You wonder what you can do between lessons or when your horse is off that challenges your body like riding does and speeds up progress?

    You hate to exercise and you really hate to sweat.  
    The activities are fun to do, great social events with friends, and playing in the water keeps you cool in the summer and flexible in the winter.

    You have issues with impact caused by other forms of exercise.  The activities are all either low or no impact.

    No swimming.

For the aspiring rider
who does not own a horse.

Cross-training between lessons to accelerate your progress. 

When you can't ride due to weather or horse injury.

The program includes easy to follow videos, transcripts and cheat-sheets.
Progress at your own pace, on your own time.
Discussions are turned on to answer questions and offer encouragement.
Your success is my priority.

Two More Free Tips for Less Pain, More Gain.

Do You lean forward when you walk?

Our habits on the ground become our habits in the saddle. Check yourself when you pass a window.
I used to lean forward when I'd ride, and when I'd walk.  If you do this in the water, you'll tip over.

I now notice immediately when that happens.
The  program has helped me develop the core muscles that keep me upright and  improved my body awareness, allowing me to break the habit.

When you shovel or sweep or vacuum,
which side of your body do you favor?

Make  sure you spend at least as much time using the other side of your body  until you forget which is your easier side.  When you ride it is  important to communicate equally to both sides of your horse.

This  is also an opportunity to practice standing up straight while bending  your knees and using your hip flexors which is exactly what you need to  do when riding.
In the water you will automatically use both sides evenly or you will lose your balance.
You will become aware of your unevenness and challenge your brain to re-find straight and level.

Notices how she collapses to the right in the first photo, but when switching sides, does not collapse left?
This sort of unevenness will show up as she tips over in the water.
It makes her less secure on her horse and causes accidental weight and leg cues.

So far the tips have been land based, so  
Why is Working In the Water Better?

Key Benefits

    • Exercises  that you do on land such as planking and sit-ups are often done wrong  causing damage and pain. They work your outer core muscles and neglect  your inner core like the Psoas which connects your upper and lower body.  Not to mention they are hard and make you sweat.
    • Horseback  riders need both strong, and supple core muscles for balance while  riding, an independent seat and to remain pain free.
    • This can be  accomplished by working in the water where the exercise equivalents we  introduce are easier and safer due to the water's buoyancy. You can  increase the difficulty as you progress, with less risk of injury.

    • Very  few exercises use muscles the way riding does. Exercising in the water  is the closest I've found. The water will try and tip you over, just  like your horse's movement does.

    • You  don't have to think about controlling your horse so you can concentrate  on what you feel. The better you control your own body, the more you  can aid your horse.

    • Exercises  can be made easier or harder depending on water depth so you can follow  the same program what ever your fitness level. This is a big benefit  when working out with friends.

There is time to focus on correct breathing which requires some thought in the beginning.
First we learn how to breathe effectively and find it easy to do sitting still.
It is harder to do when moving, and almost impossible to begin learning while riding.  
Practicing while moving in the water allows it to become a habit so you don't have to think about it when riding.

Bonus Benefits

Even when you' are not doing an exercise you will be using core muscles to stabilize yourself.

Easy to cool off  and a lot of fun.
Especially with friends.

When you lose your balance you get wet,
not hurt.

The Way to Improved Body Awareness, Suppleness,  Balance and Core Stability is

Join me to become more aware of Your unique postural challenges,
and start to improve them.

Your  Access Includes:

7 Area Specific Modules

All videos are available online
from your computer or phone

The  Foundation Level program contains 7 modules that make it easy to target  Your key areas and build your foundation from the ground up, to Start You Off Right.

The modules work on each of the following areas  but will focus on one aspect.
Balance, Suppleness, Lower Body,  Upper Body, Core Stability, Full Body and Balance Re-visited.

Each module is 21 minutes long to fit your busy lifestyle, but you're welcome to do extra.

There are individual video clips of each exercise so you can Easily Review What You Need.
Each set of exercises and warm-ups includes 2 PDF's. One transcript of the video and one point form cheatsheet.
In addition each module comes with a one page Pool cheatsheet that lists the various exercises for that module.

Your membership includes access to the 'discussions' to ask your questions and share your progress.

You also get a Bonus Breathing Practice to Improve Your Focus and Awareness while staying both relaxed and toned.
A Breath Practice PDF and audio is included.

Total Value  $650  

See what some of our clients have to say:

"I  have trouble just relaxing and following my horses big movement. It  takes a lot of strength to just relax and follow. When I'm not strong  enough, I hold my breath and brace myself instead of following the  movement. Then my horse braces and it gets harder to follow. I need  the presence of mind and muscle tone to relax and control my horse.  
Equestrian Aquatics has done that for me. The breath practice has helped  me become more present in my body. The body awareness, created by  working through the exercises in the water, where I can concentrate  solely and safely on myself has allowed me to develop the presence and  muscle tone to ride my horse better."

Meryle Hilberry

"I  work on horses bodies, but my own suffers. I like that I can fit in a  workout between clients horses. My job uses specific muscles and doing  the Equestrian Aquatics program allows me to be more well rounded  physically. The 21 minute workout means I can be in and out of the pool  in an hour so even on a busy day I can fit one in at lunch time."

Liz Rudolph Michaels
Dynamic Balance Equestrian

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$97 USD

  • One Years Access to all lessons
  • Retrain your proprioception for better Balance.
  • Increase your Suppleness
  • Develop better Core-stability and Body Control.

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  • Retrain your proprioception for better Balance.
  • Increase your Suppleness
  • Develop better Core-stability and Body Control.

Still not sure?  

Improve Your Dressage Seat
From Dressage Today
By Isabelle von Neumann-Cosel

"To  most riders, their seat position on the horse feels normal. It is the  result of genetic facts, well-trained muscle memory and long-lasting  habits. 

Every rider becomes numb to his or her problems and even his or  her own obvious mistakes while sitting on the horse. 
Therefore the  improvement of the rider’s seat is one of the most difficult goals to  achieve: 
One has to mistrust the feel in his or her own body.  
But it is  also the most rewarding goal: Horses will react immediately to better  balance, less negative tension and/or quicker coordination of the  rider."

Working in the water you will know immediately
when you are out of balance.  You'll tip over.

You'll also know when you've found balance without tension because it becomes effortless.

You can then take this feeling back to your horse so
he can mirror and appreciate you.

Trish Hyatt

If What You Are Doing Was Working
You Wouldn't Be Here - F.A.Q. Section

How can I be sure this program will help me?
You  may be generally unfit or simply unfit for the task of riding or very  fit but not progressing as well as you'd like in your riding.  This  program is easy to modify to suit all levels of fitness. It's main  purpose is to make you aware of and improve your balance, suppleness and  core-stability. This will in turn, carry over in to your riding.

What if I don't know how to swim?
There is no swimming in this program just floating with a pool noodle and feet on the ground exercises.

What if I don't like deep water?
You don't have to go any deeper than your chest and many exercises can be done waist deep.

What if I need more information during the program?
We  have a built in discussions to ask questions, discuss your progress and  creative use of the water. I'm   there to answer your questions and cheer you on.

I'm not sure I have time?
You  only have to get to the Pool 7 times during the program to try everything. But I find at  least twice a week makes the progress so much faster.  Even if you   can't make it there you can do some of the exercises at home to keep  you on track.  The modules are designed to take 21 minutes although  you're welcome to spend longer on your favorite exercises. 

My family and friends think I'm nuts playing in the water!
That's okay, they're probably the same ones who say all you do is sit there while your horse does all the work. 

Do you still have questions? Click below and send me a message, or sign up Now!

Annual Access

$97 USD

  • One Years Access to all lessons
  • Retrain your proprioception for better Balance.
  • Increase your Suppleness
  • Develop better Core-stability and Body Control.

Lifetime Access

$197 USD

  • Buy 2 years Now, Get Life-time Access
  • Retrain your proprioception for better Balance.
  • Increase your Suppleness
  • Develop better Core-stability and Body Control.


International Coach and Clinician
National and International Top 10 Competitor
Technical Delegate and
WEDU Judge of Working Equitation (Retired)