Equestrian Aquatics Original

Balance, Suppleness & Core Stability for More Fun, Better Ride & Less Pain. -- No Horse, No Sweat!

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Equestrian Aquatics Original $97 USD
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      What you will get in this plan?

      • One Years Access to all
      • Retrain your proprioception
        for better Balance.
      • Increase your Suppleness
      • Develop better Core-stability
        and Body Control.

      The body awareness, created by working through the exercises in the  water, where I can concentrate solely and safely on myself has allowed  me to develop the presence and muscle tone to ride my horse better."

      Merlye Hilberry


      Working in the water you will know immediately when you are out of balance.  You'll tip over.
      You'll also know when you've found balance without tension because it becomes effortless.
      You can then take this feeling back to your horse so he can mirror and appreciate you.

      Trish Hyatt