Did you hear about that course where the gate was at most 15' off the wall, from the approach side? And it didn't get corrected!
Or how about the 8 minute speed trial runs?

Have you felt like you'd need a much higher level horse to ride some of the crazy approaches and lines between obstacles? Like an angle jump, facing a wall?

Do you worry that YOU might design a course that people still talk about, for all the wrong reasons?
Or, even worse, makes your horse hate obstacles?

Watch the Video for 3 Strategic Steps to Improve 
Your Working Equitation Obstacle Performance!

The camps will be based on the US rule book, but the basic principles of course design and rider approaches are consistent worldwide.

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Money Back Guarantee

If you complete all the assignments and haven’t learned anything new, let me know by August 31st and I will give you a nod, and cheerfully refund your money.

What Are the 'Rider Strategy' and 'Course Design' Camps?

Rider Strategy Camp

In Rider Strategy Camp, you will be drawing and receiving feedback on your chosen routes on a variety of maps, designed to scale, so you can train your eye.

With practice, and the feedback you receive in our private community, you will become more clear on what you do understand, and what you don’t and will recognize the best line choices for your horse, more quickly.

When you see a live course, you'll be able to recognize the challenges that have been added, whether intentionally, or accidentally.

And can then choose whether to accept them, or find an easier path, based on how your horse feels that day.

Course Design Camp

In Course Design Camp you get the tools you need to understand the elements of good course design, and a system to make producing your course maps easier.

There will be challenges given that come up when you build maps for different levels and locations, to prepare you to make adjustments, while keeping the original intent of your design.

The maps you create will give the Judge a variety of skills to evaluate and make it easier for them to classify the riders.

And your knowledge of the rules, what a horse is capable of, and how to intentionally add challenges to a map will improve the training of horses through progressive levels of difficulty, that build their skills and confidence.

Benefits of Attending...

Rider Strategy Camp

  • Recognize challenges and best course lines for your horse.
  • A basic understanding of the practical application of the rules.
  • Apply strategy to play it safe, or choose a more efficient, higher scoring line.
  • Learn the secrets to ride a course that benefits your horse while showcasing your horse’s skills and training.
  • Understand how the rules apply to your level, and reduce your chance of DQing and wasting your entry fees.

Course Design Camp

  • Gain a better understanding of how the obstacles relate to each other and their surroundings so your courses ride better.
  • Want to go deeper in your understanding of the affects subtle changes in your course have on it's ride-ability.
  • Improve your practical understanding of the application of the rules and how to build in level appropriate challenges.
  • Learn to create maps with software and a grid that makes map adjusting easier and set-up a breeze, so your crew stays much happier.

And By Joining TODAY, You Get BOTH
Rider Strategy Camp $100 and Course Design Camp $200


If you have questions for me, you can click SUPPORT below.

Christy Reich
El Campeon Farms
Thousand Oaks, California

Christy Reich said...

I've often been disappointed in the courses in WE that we have shown on and with the maps that are used that are not to scale. 

Trish has pulled together information and technology in a way that makes it incredibly useful for show managers, riders, trainers, judges, etc. 

As a trainer or rider, the methods and practice of 'running' through your course on paper and working out different tracks is critical to gaining points in EOH and shaving time in Speed.

Laurie Wilson
Georgia, USA.

Laurie Wilson said...

"I came into this course expecting my previous knowledge setting up and competing in many obstacle challenges to make it a pretty simple task. Although my previous experience helped, I definitely struggled at first. The course is extremely "comprehensive",  and needs to be with all of the levels and rules that go into designing a course for Working Equitation. 

By the end of the class, I loved the program and could easily navigate building each course.

Trish is extremely responsive to each homework assignment and challenges you to "think" your way through solutions rather than just give you the quick way out. 

 If you're willing to put in the time, effort, you will come out with a wealth of knowledge to help you in your Working Equitation course riding and designing goals. 
I'm happy I did."

Eleanor Thomas 
and Comandante 

Eleanor Thomas said...

"As a WE competitor and licensed official candidate, I found  Course Design Camp to be amazingly beneficial and fun!

 I went into the camp thinking that I might not be any good at designing courses since there are SO many things to think about. 

By the end, I was feeling much more confident in my ability to design rideable courses, adapt courses as needed based on restrictions that may come up, and very importantly: accurately GRID my courses so that I know what to expect when it comes time to set them! 

From the perspective of a rider and future judge, I gained a lot from considering how the courses should change as we go up the levels, and how they might need to be ridden or judged differently.

 Thanks so much Trish for putting this course together!!
 I highly recommend it to anyone involved with working equitation.

Kris Blacklock
and Ocean

Kris Blacklock said...

"Whether your new to the sport, a seasoned active competitor or a licensed official, Trish Hyatt's online course 'Course Design & Rider Strategy Camps' offer valuable tips that will help you feel confident designing, setting up or riding Working Equitation courses. 

The online training program helps participants understand the technical challenges for obstacles chosen and ensures balanced and challenging lines are mapped for the various performance levels.

Take the time to invest in yourself!"

Kris Blacklock
Wisconsin, USA

$127 USD

  • Bonus 1 - Do It Yourself Working Equitation $49 value

Trish Hyatt

International Coach and Clinician
National and International Top 10 Competitor
Retired Technical Delegate and Judge of Working Equitation

For the fourth year in a row, I'm excited to be able to offer you this opportunity to advance your course riding and design skills so you always present maps and and plan ridees,  that ride well for your own horse, and other people.