Master WE skills so you can perform each obstacle and maneuver, with ease and understanding,
instead of frustration and confusion.

Master Working Equitation skills,
so you can...

  • Perform each obstacle and maneuver
  • With ease and understanding
  • Instead of frustration and confusion

Even if you're a complete beginner.

Working Equitation From Intro to Show Program

WE Training Lessons For Riders of All Levels & Experience
with Community available for Feedback, Questions and Discussions

Hey Working Equitation Enthusiast!

Are you feeling stuck in your Working Equitation journey?

Do you struggle with

Where to start?     What to do next?     What's Missing?

No matter where you're starting from,
Let's get You to the next level!

Are you clear on...

  •  How to get started with Working Equitation?
  • How to improve from where you are now?
  • How not to get disqualified if you compete (there are many ways)?

Or would you love to feel confident that your training is doing right by your horse, and not be embarrassed by what he, or you, can't seem to figure out.

Are you keen to learn how to ride the obstacles correctly?

You might even want to attend shows, but you're not a trainer, and while the rule book might tell you WHAT is required, it doesn't tell you HOW.

Are the time and costs involved to get to clinics too much?
Do you wish you had resources to review afterwards?

Clinics are fun, but when you get home you barely remember 10% of what you were told and you're not positive you remember that part correctly.

If you'd like to...

  •  understand WHAT to do, and more importantly, HOW to do it . 
  • feel confident you're being clear so your horse CAN do what you ask. 
  • have a cost-effective way to continue learning, with 24/7 access.

That’s what the Working Equitation Mastery,
From Intro to Show Program can do for you.

You'll Get...

Step by step instruction on all 18 Working Equitation obstacles used world wide

  • You'll know What you need, What you should do, How to make it easier, What can go wrong and How to fix it so that all your practice is correct and confusion is reduced. 
  • You'll no longer have to hope you're doing it right. The step by step lessons will ensure all your practice is on target to build accuracy into your rides, to improve your horses skills across disciplines, and  to be competitive in WE if you desire.  

Basic skills used both in Dressage and Ease of Handling in  'WE Dressage'

  • You'll be able to ride your horse more precisely so they go where and how you told them to, reducing embarrassment, raising scores and keeping you safe.
  • Correct movement isn't just about winning. Your horse will thank you as they remain healthy and happy longer.

Detailed lessons that are often not explained well, or at all, in  'Beyond the Basics'

  • Like the difference between Flexion and Bend. Why you need flexion to have bend, and how to teach it. 
  • Or how to understand and apply half-halts, at the right time depending on what you are trying to accomplish which means more clarity for you so that you can help your horse to do their job better.

Choose your own Working Equitation Adventure
 in this unique, ongoing, online clinic!

Feel like having a Dressage lesson?
 Pick a maneuver you'd like to improve. There's a lesson for that.  
Dressage and Ease of Handling is not just judged on where you go, but on How you go and the lessons here and in the Beyond the Basics course are designed to improve how your horse goes.  

Rather have an Obstacle lesson?
Choose one. Start at the beginning and work your way through the steps. I promise there's some tips and exercises there to help you advance, no matter what your starting point.  

Not sure where to start?  
If you have been to a show you will have a score sheet, we can start there.  

Not interested in shows? No problem.  
Ride a dressage test, or any maneuver and choose your priorities there.
Or pick an obstacle, shoot a video, and I'll help you see the tiny details that are making it harder for your horse to give you his best.  

Still can't decide? 
Stop by the community and see what others have been up to.

  • Start at your own level and work at your own pace.
  • Learn The How & Why of Working Equitation
  • Ask questions any time you're stuck.

What makes this program different and unique is that it specifically focuses on Working Equitation.

It does not assume you or your horse already have a certain level of knowledge so it's suitable no matter what discipline you are coming from.

It is suitable for all levels, with step by step directions to make sure nothing is missed that will affect your progress later.

Works anywhere in the world as it is based on the 18 obstacles used by the World Association for Working Equitation.

I understand your challenges and can help you understand the best solutions for your horse.

By participating in this program:

  • You'll understand how to perform the obstacles with precision which is a fun challenge with your horse, that helps improve their training, making them safer and easier to ride.
  • You'll be better able to prepare your horse for a WE competition or clinic and feel confident they are ready. 
  • You'll have the skills you need to participate with your friends, and not worry about embarrassing yourself or your horse.
  • If you're already competing you'll be able to move past what's holding you back to increase your scores, and get to the next level.

Unlimited Access to all courses
Work through at your own pace. Saves you time and money.

  • You don't need to travel to learn.
  • You have the resources available at your fingertips if you can't attend lessons or clinics.
  • If you attend clinics, you're ready to learn new things instead of repeating what you did last time.

It's okay if you don't have all the obstacles,
you also get the bonus DIY-WE course.

Learn how to set up simple stations with common materials to practice multiple obstacles. Includes aerial diagrams, and videos showing problems to watch out for.

  • Which means you don't need to spend a lot of money building obstacles to get started. 
  • You don't need much time to set them up. 
  • And you don't need much space to practice.
  • You can reduce anticipation of your horse by practicing many different obstacles at one station, keeping them guessing so they learn to wait for you  

And I've included even more to help you on your WE journey

Two Additional Time Limited Bonuses,
To Enhance Your Learning

Community Access

You also get one years access to the community.
Ask questions and get timely answers so that you're never stuck wondering how to solve a problem.    

5 Video REVIEWs

In the first year you get detailed reviews of 5 videos you submit in the community.
I'll help you identify the subtle things that are interfering with your progress so that you know what to focus on to get unstuck and improve.

Coaches, this is an Excellent resource to share with your students. Basic enough for beginners and detailed enough to address the subtle details that may have been missed by the upper level rider.

Alla Cline said:
"You  are so responsive! I can’t believe how you are up all hours of the day  and night! I must take this opportunity to tell you how amazing your  course is!  

 I have purchased way too many Online equine programs.  I’ve  found a handful of very talented trainers/communicators.  But NO ONE,  has put together such a comprehensive and instructional program.  Your  effort to get through to the rider is phenomenal...

...The half-halt lesson is worth the price of admission all on its own!  This was a huge lesson (for me) because few can truly explain half-halts' execution with any clarity at all.  Including it with all the other valuable information in an all-inclusive Working Equitation program is truly a gift to us students.
Thank you, thank you for putting this wonderful course together."

Got Questions? I've got Answers!

I hear what you're saying. It's been a tough year and if there is no money for courses, lessons or clinics, then you have to do what you can with the free information available and your own dedication.

If however, there is money for a clinic, then a benefit to investing that in an online program is that the information stays available to you. Most clinic attendees only remember 10% of what they heard at a clinic and if they aren't sure about something, end up practicing wrong because they can't look it up, or ask for clarification.

By learning online you don't have travel expenses and time.

When you go to a show you won't feel like you wasted your entry fee because you have a better chance of not getting disqualified.

And when you do go to clinics you'll get more out of them, both because you have already completed many of the steps, and because you will have reference materials to access when you get home to help you remember what was being taught in the clinic, or what the next step is.

To help make it easier for you I've added a payment plan.

The different obstacles and skills are available each in their own lesson so you can just go to the ones you need, when you need them.

It will save you time in the long-run because you are practicing correctly, and not skipping steps that you have to go back and fix later.

It will actually save you time, money and frustration when you need to solve that one problem.  

You can refer to the appropriate lesson in the program. Then pop into the community if you still need help.  And you can do this every time a new challenge shows up for you and your horse.

Because you have lifetime access, it will be there for you when you do have time so it's okay if you're busy now.

Many of the riders in my program also have coaches, and ride in clinics too. But just as each horse and rider are different, so is each coach and both their skills and their focus.

As a trainer who became a coach of riders with horse challenges, from many disciplines and levels, I have a unique perspective that allows me to explain things in a way that horses and riders can understand and apply.

There is not one single right way that works for all horses. I'm happy to discuss why something you've been told may not be working. It might just need a slight adjustment.

This will allow you to make even more progress with your current coach as you get past any roadblocks or confusion that may be keeping you stuck.

As long as you are safe on your horse.
You can go, stop and turn, we can work on the rest.

The program is designed with the beginner in mind to get you off on the right foot.

And that's why it's also the right program for the more experienced rider.
When a rider is having a problem with a horse it's often because they are missing a step or there is a problem with balance, both of which we'll address in the course.

Just the fact that you're reading this page tells me you're interested in learning more with your horse and this course focuses on what you need for Working Equitation.  
You get lifetime access to the lessons so if you are too busy right now, that's okay, because it will be there for you when you do have time.  

Working Equitation is a fun way to learn the skills needed in all disciplines and the course is set up so you can work through it in order, or pick and choose what you need.
When a person needs to learn a skill, it makes it much easier for them to find the time to do it.  

Even if you just get one tip from one lesson on an area that's been a problem for you, and whether that helps you get to the next level, not DQ, or makes your horse safer, that's worth  the price.  

That's why I have a guarantee. Try the program for two weeks. If you don't find anything there that's useful to you. I'll refund your money.

A few of the lessons you'll have access to.

When You Choose Your Own Working Equitation Adventure
You can focus on what you need most!

  • What is Working Equitation 
  • Introduction to the Obstacles 
  • Train and Improve Your Reinback  
  • Turn on the Forehand, Haunches and Leg-yield
  •  Timing and Bending 
  • Detailed instruction on all 19 obstacles
  • Non-progressive Down Transitions
  •  Softening/Giving/Yielding to the Bit 
  • Connecting Half-halts and Stirrup Stepping
  •   Dressage Basics & Gaits Defined 
  • L1-3 Dressage Test Evaluations
  • Instructions for each dressage maneuver

More than 50 instructional lessons are included because I wanted you to have all the resources you might need in one place, but this is very much a choose what you and your horse need to work on program.

Everyone is starting from a different place and every horse comes with their own challenges. You can always ask me if you're not sure where to go.

There are no homework assignments, and therefore no schedule to keep up with. 

You can go as fast or as slow as your time allows.

The courses and lessons remains yours, and I've included one years access to our private community to ask questions and get additional help.

Lisa Camp said:
"The Working Equitation training available from Trish Hyatt is  wonderful!  

The detailed information is divided into lessons that are  easy to understand, with diagrams, instructions and demos included  ridden by fellow WE enthusiasts.  

 Working Equitation Simplified  includes so much more than just working equitation, but also  horsemanship that will make you a better rider."

Are you ready to spend less time wondering what to do, and more time doing it?

What Do You Think?
Are you ready to spend less time wondering what to do, and more time doing it?

In a weekend clinic I could only teach you a fraction of what's included here.
I can't begin to imagine how many weekend clinics it would take to cover everything included.
BUT, in a group setting, we can spread out these costs so the Working Equitation Mastery From Intro To Show program is AMAZINGLY affordable.

The complete program is just $297 for Lifetime, Unlimited and Instant Access to all the lessons.

Don't let the price fool you. These are not short little tidbits that leave you wondering what to do.
Each lesson is detailed, easy to understand, and multi-part for horses and riders of all levels.
Start at the beginning, make sure your horse can do each step, and build on your progress.
There are no deadlines.

In a weekend clinic I could only teach you a fraction of what's included here.

I can't begin to imagine how many weekend clinics it would take to cover everything included.

BUT, in a group setting, we can spread out these costs so the Working Equitation Mastery, From Intro To Show program, and Bonuses is AMAZINGLY affordable (less than the cost of a weekend clinic).

The complete program is $297 for Lifetime, Unlimited and Instant Access to all the lessons so you can look this good.

Each lesson is detailed, easy to understand, and multi-part for horses and riders of all levels.
Start at the beginning, make sure your horse can do each step, and build on your progress.

There are no deadlines, the program is yours for life.

Cindy Kaufman said:
"This course was an excellent way for me to get to learn about Working  Equitation as there are no WE trainers in the Charlotte area.

The videos  (both the ones in the lessons AND the videos participants post of  themselves) helped immensely!  I definitely recommend this class!"

Due to the time it takes to respond thoroughly to questions,
and do detailed video reviews in a timely manner,
I have to limit how many new people can join at one time.

Sign up now...

  • To make sure you don't have to wait to learn, and improve, your Working Equitation skills.
  • To explore a fun new sport without the time and expense of travelling.
  • In a step by step manner that explains the how, and a community to help you with the why.

I want you to be completely satisfied and without risk, so if after using the program for the first 14 days you don't think it can help you, write and tell me and I'll refund your money.

If you have already submitted a bonus video for feedback I will assume you are finding the program helpful and the guarantee won't apply.

  •  Working Equitation Dressage  regularly $97
  • Working Equitation Obstacles  regularly $147
  • Working Equitation Beyond the Basics  regularly $97
  • Bonus 1 - Do It Yourself WE  regularly $49
  • Bonus 2 - One Years access to the Community $120 value 
  • Bonus 3 - Five Video Assessment Credits $200+ value     
  • Bonus 4 - Instant Lifetime Access to All Lessons and
    All Future Upgrades - Priceless    

Fees are payable in USD. Estimated amounts are shown below. Due to currency fluctuations, these prices may vary.

USD $297, EUR €252, GBP £216, AUD $401, CAD $375

USD $127, EUR €108, GBP £92, AUD $172, CAD $160

Click an  Orange 'Buy Now!'  button to go to the Checkout page and complete your purchase.
If you have any problems, click the Questions? Message Me! button and I'll help you sort it out.

Once you complete your purchase you can access the course immediately from the Thank you page. At that time it will ask you to set up a password to access the site.  

You will also receive an Access email with a link to the program. If you have not set up your password, or you've forgotten what it is, click the forgot password link on the Login page to set a new one.  

I know you're excited to dive in but please start with the 'Welcome, Start Here' course which will also help you learn how to access the community.
 After that you can choose which course to start with depending on what you want to work on.

You will have access to  WE Obstacles , WE Dressage and WE Beyond The Basics

They all have individual lessons you can jump right into although I set up the Obstacles section to be the order I would teach them at a clinic.
You also have Do It Yourself Working Equitation with simple to set up stations and videos to train your eye for errors that occur and of course our community for your questions and feedback.

More Student Comments

Lisa Camp - Flexion or Bend lesson
I really like the picture/diagram of the horse from above, it's very helpful and I like the info about the hip and using colored tape so you can see it.

Shelly Donaldson - Bonus Single Slalom exercises
There is A LOT of information in this lesson. I especially like how the lesson is broken down into segments for learning and exercising so that the horse becomes more fit and the rider gains a better understanding of all the pieces that help with manuevering through the slalom. Clearly more than 5 days of practice will help achieve bending and flexing the horse at a tempo that works best for them. I have ridden these exercises and find them very useful to my mare and I as they set us up for success once we've established the basic foundation.

Alla Cline - Turn on the Haunches and Turn on the Forehand lesson 
This lesson was well described and knowing the movement, I was able to “feel” your words as I read them.

Lisa Camp - Figure 8
I never thought to break these obstacles down so precisely. I have read   this lesson at least 4 times and will come back to it. The material is  easy to understand, but there is so much to remember!
I hope to take it out onto the course while riding it to help me work the obstacle.

Jane O'Boyle - Bank and Water
This section had very good training information for me based on my knowledge and experience and will be helpful.
Again, you gave me additional advice on managing problems:)

Daphne Carter - Forward and Back from the seat
Excellent dramatizations. Learning subtle things. Very productive.

Alla Cline - Single Slalom
Very thorough distinction on flexion vs. bend. What I appreciated more was the description on how to “build” in better bend using the ovals exercise.  An excellent, thorough lesson. And thank you for pointing out that poll flexion is minimal - 1 inch.

Jane O'Boyle - Jumping for the human lesson
The hardest part about equestrian learning is forgetting what tools you have in your tool box. This was a great reminder for self checks and I need to incorporate this every ride.

Lois Shaw - Go and Stop with Bend
Great explanations and easy to understand. Well written!

Jane O'Boyle - Softening, yielding, giving to the bit lesson
If the horses head goes too low or behind the vertical use TOH to bring it back up. This is what i needed.

Daphne Carter - Single Slalom
After reviewing the video's and comments a few more times I am getting more aware of the preciseness for the obstacle. Have started working Rose more frequently on this obstacle.

Hi, I'm Trish Hyatt 

I didn't start out to be a coach. All my life I was a horse trainer and problem solver. I was the one that other trainers, coaches, farriers and vets recommended when their owners were stuck, so I worked with horses from a lot of disciplines. 

Many of the horses I was called to help belonged to people that were in the top of their discipline but when you are an expert in something, sometimes it's hard to think outside the box. I became a coach as I realized how important it was to not create problems in the first place and I needed to share what I know.

I've always used obstacles in training because they are a great test of where the horse is at or the horse and rider partnership.

The last few years I have specialized in Working Equitation obstacles because of the precision that is required in the riding and judging. They are scored as a dressage test is, with a standard set of obstacles used world-wide and the same requirements for quality performance.

To my lifetime of training horses and working with coaches from different disciplines, I added to my skills becoming an International Coach and Clinician, National and International Top 10 Competitor and a Technical Delegate and Judge of Working Equitation.

It is this combination of skills and diversity that makes me a coach that can speak to you, where you are at now, and help you find better ways to work with your horse.

Trish Hyatt

  •  Working Equitation Dressage  regularly $97
  • Working Equitation Obstacles  regularly $147
  • Working Equitation Beyond the Basics  regularly $97
  • Bonus 1 - Do It Yourself WE  regularly $49
  • Bonus 2 - One Years access to the Community $120 value 
  • Bonus 3 - Five Video Assessment Credits $200+ value     
  • Bonus 4 - Instant Lifetime Access to All Lessons and
    All Future Upgrades - Priceless    

Fees are payable in USD. Estimated amounts are shown below. Due to currency fluctuations, these prices may vary.

USD $297, EUR €252, GBP £216, AUD $401, CAD $375

USD $127, EUR €108, GBP £92, AUD $172, CAD $160