The must have skill you need to master so your horse can bend without resistance.

Get the key to unlock your horse's bend! 

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Groundwork Exercise

Whether it's the cold of winter or the heat of summer, take a few minutes each day to use this diagnostic tool that prepares your horse to bend with correct flexion.

Ridden Exercise

The ridden exercise builds on the groundwork to help you unlock your horse's resistance to bending in motion. And it's the first step to solving bend related deviations.

Clarity & recordings

Gain a solid understanding of the difference between lateral flexion and bend, and why you need both. Includes lifetime access to the workshop recording and materials.


  • the #1 thing to keep in mind when your horse resists bending (it will become a habit with practice).
  • The '5 minute fix' before you even get on (so you don't start your ride with resistance).
  • The one thing you must have before you try to fix bend problems (or they won't be successful).
  • BONUS: step-by-step lessons you can use to make sure you practice right.

We will islolate the head from the neck at the poll/atlas joint for lateral flexion without bend, which is required before bend.

Most horses do not have this in one direction and they fake it with excess neck bend and head twist.

When a horse bends in the body without the correct lateral flexion, there will be resistance, and the inside hind leg can't come through.

1. Enter your payment info and click the button. This will register you for the course that houses the workshop replay and lesson materials.

2. Watch your inbox for your confirmation email, which will include details on how to access the replay and course materials.

3. Go to the lesson platform and look for the recording and exercises.

I’ve seen the one riding video you included before but never really paid attention to it. With your demonstration video first, watching the other video again made way more sense to me.

I’ve also had trainers discuss flexion with me many times before but I’ve never really absorbed the degree of necessity to achieve this first in an effort to obtain correct bend. Thank you for that clarification.

I need to back up in my work with Buddy and truly pay attention to this minute detail. The timing of this course is going to be perfect to work on during the winter off season, when I do have time to pay attention. :)

Pat Melton

Quite a few people mentioned specific bend issues that I address in the
If you'd like to know more, scroll down before purchasing, and save $9 on this course.

At a Ranch Cattle day on the weekend, I put my horse to the test in the Lateral Flexion (1 inch bend ), as i have been working on it for several days .   Things went really well.  

I am finding that he will shift his weight off the left shoulder, as he prepares his body a bit more even to his other  legs to carry himself better.    

Many of the other riders commented and were quite impressed on how well he was moving and working the cows. And when on mechanical Flag he was moving at his  best.

Steve Cormick

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        Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized.Thank you!!

        Kris Blacklock


        This week far exceeded any expectations. I connected so many dots in what was missing from several years of lessons. Incredibly grateful to you, Trish, for the time & dedication you’ve given to us.

        Deanna Durst

        As a dressage rider, I'm very concerned with flexion vs. bend.  

        Even though I've been riding for 57 years, I find too much knowledge, is never enough.

        Always happy to possibly learn something new, or simply refresh, or  reinforce my current knowledge.

        Suzanne Senser

        But Trish, Why are there two prices?

        I have been talking alot about the Key To Unlocking Your Horse's Bend workshop and it really is the key. But many of you also had further concerns that are addressed in the Single Slalom Bend & Balance course that this workshop is a part of. I wanted to make that available to you as well. More details are down below. If not interested, that's okay, the workshop is an important first step that will already begin to make a big difference for you.

          Quite a few people mentioned specific bend issues that I address in the 

        Things like...

        • I’ve got the neck, but bend from body, not so great
        • My mare falls in on the circle in a right bend, wanting to turn right rather than bend right. The issue does not exist to the left. 
        • I have difficulty maintaining a rhythmic gait as I transition from bend to straight to bend again.
        • My issues about bend changes is mostly doing it in the right place?
        • I hear 'more bend' but I can see the eye... Love to know what they want. 
        • Since I show, the bending issue for me is showing the change without losing connection or hurried steps.
        Get The Key To Unlock Your Horse's Bend workshop
          AND The Single Slalom Bend & Balance course together, and save $9
        Why the Single Slalom?

        • We'll use a single slalom (3-5 poles) because horses and riders of any level can participate and develop. It's a deceptively easy obstacle, that's difficult to do well.
        • We'll use it as a diagnostic tool and measuring device. That, and the exercises, will teach you a lot about what your horse needs and allow you to judge your progress.
        • If you would like to add this to your order click the button to go to the sales page to get The Key To Unlock Your Horse's Bend workshop  AND all the lessons included in the Single Slalom Bend & Balance course.

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