Working Equitation Obstacles
Part of the Working Equitation From Intro to Show Program

Hey Fellow Rider

Problems with Bend, Go, Stop, Turn, Reinback or Sideways?

Correct Obstacle work helps your horse make sense of Why!

Start at your own level and work at your own pace.
Learn The How & Why, of Working Equitation Obstacles

Train  your horse how to correctly perform  the 19 obstacles used in Working  Equitation in North America, 18 of which are used in other countries as  they are WAWE obstacles. So no matter where you live they will benefit  you and your horse.
The obstacles help to pinpoint where your  problems are and the lessons help you to focus on the exact task needed  for improvement.

Whether it's your first time, or not, there's always more to learn.
Multiple  steps are used to train for the obstacle to make it suitable for  beginners but just as valuable to more advanced riders who often are  missing a basic building block.
Building a solid foundation will enable your horse to feel more successful.

The  lessons contain text, diagrams and videos for clarity. In addition more  videos with comments are available in the community where you can ask  questions and can use your video credits for assessment.
Additional   lessons are also referenced from other courses in the WE From Intro to   Show program, but there is a lot of information available in this  course  even if you don't have them.

Lessons  include 'What you need', 'What you should do', 'How to lose the easy  points', 'How to make it easier for your horse', ' What will probably  happen' and 'How to fix it'.
Don't see your situation covered? That's  why we have a private community so you can ask questions. If the answer  has not been covered yet, I'll often add a lesson to address it.

Join us for the Working Equitation Obstacles Course

A place to give you the tools you need through Videos, PDF's, Specific steps and Lessons.
The support of a Safe Community to ask questions and tell us of your progress and challenges.
Feedback on your questions and also on optional videos.

And the Confidence that You Can Achieve Your Goals
for You, and Your horse.

Get lifetime access to the lessons and 1 years access
to our Private Community for detailed feedback and questions.

Takes you from where you are now, to understanding the best way to prepare  your horse to be confident, balanced and comfortable with the obstacles.

If you can safely walk, stop and turn your horse. The rest we can work on.

The more time and effort you can put into the lessons and community, the faster you will progress.
Horses and people both progess better with short, targeted and consistent lessons.

Each section we will look closely at 4 or 5 different obstacles and include as many of the 5 main technical challenges as we can, for variety.

These include:

  • Bends, arcs and leads
  • Straight with a stop
  • Straight without a stop
  • Lateral movement
  • Reinback

You are encouraged to ask questions in Our Private Community so you will always have lots to work on and one full years access is included, to review at any time. 

Trish, Thank you. You are so responsive!  
I can’t believe how you are up all hours of the day and night!

I must take this opportunity to tell you how amazing your course is!  
The amount of information and lesson content is extraordinary!   

Kudos to you for all your work and efforts!  
Now if only I can get myself video’d soon to take advantage of your expert eye and critique. That has also been a weak point for me: learning the technology to download, edit, upload, etc. So your course has even been a catalyst in that sort of  education.

Thank you, thank you for putting this wonderful course together.

Alla Cline
Virginia, USA

Bonus #1

Online Community

Unless you can convince your horse to watch all the videos, you are going to have to show them what to do. That brings us to your first bonus, the private community.

The course includes 1 years membership to the private community that is only for members of the course. You can post questions, pictures and have the option of including some short videos.

 The more you ask questions, discuss and offer suggestions for other riders, the more you'll get out of this course.

In the community you'll find riders with similar challenges.
Some riders or horses are new to Working Equitation, or to obstacles.
Some horses are needing to be retrained to understand how to use their bodies better.
And some riders are looking for what's missing to move up a level or just understand what is required.

Whether your new to Working Equitation or a seasoned competitor, the course benefits are boundless.

The virtual course heightens rider awareness, improves equine balance capabilities, coaches riders/horses within a shared supportive and friendly environment & provides tips to boost your confidence as you progress thru the levels.

Kris Blacklock
Wisconsin, USA

Bonus #2

 Your First Video Assessment Included!

The Video Assessments are what's missing from most online programs.

You have the option of using video credits in the community to get very detailed feedback on what is going on with you and your horse during specific maneuvers.

Not only will you learn what is not working, but will receive specific recommendations on exercises to improve the issues mentioned.

Issues that are specific to you and your horse

My background as a horse trainer,
knowledge of the rules, and
online teaching ability, with attention to detail means

You get a 'Virtual Coach', when you need it.
Get started now!

$147 USD

  • Bonus 1 - 1 Years Community Access
  • Bonus 2 - 1  Detailed Video Assessment Credit
  • Bonus 3 - All Future Upgrades

I took this WE obstacle online course and I learned new ways to train the obstacles, analyze my team's strengths and weaknesses. It pushed me to look at my obstacle work and find areas of improvement.  It works for all levels and all horses.

It addressed the main weaknesses in execution of an obstacle and gave me tools to help myself as well as my horse. I was able to improve my obstacle work by following the clear directions, that included video lessons and analysis in the supportive online community.

I saw the sport in a new light!

Allison Mazurkiewicz
o/o Tall Grass Horsemanship, Fort Collins Colorado, USA

Course Curriculum

Students from previous courses said...

Arianna Tomlinson

Montana's Run, Australia

 Trish was prompt and helpful in working through my enquiries, and had good knowledge, even of the Australian rulebooks. It was great that I could relate this course to what we are doing in Australia.
I liked the step by step videos and having access to video transcripts.
Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Skills. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!

Shelly Donalson

Riding Coach
Victoria Canada

This course has been interesting, fun, and full of information. The support from the instructor and other students is a huge asset. I felt like part of a team working for a common goal, which is really what this sport conveys: camaraderie. 

$147 USD

  • Bonus 1 - 1 Years Community Access
  • Bonus 2 - 1  Detailed Video Assessment Credit
  • Bonus 3 - All Future Upgrades

Trish Hyatt 

International Coach and Clinician
National and International Top 10 Competitor
Technical Delegate and Judge of Working Equitation

Trish Hyatt puts her many skills to use introducing the international discipline of Working Equitation to riders eager to improve their partnership with their horse, with a focus on fun, classical horsemanship and use of the horse for practical work or as cross-training for other disciplines.

Trish's superpower is the ability to give you and your horse what you need in a way that you understand so each horse and rider makes progress and knows what they need to work on.